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Friends of the Bog combines the raucous folk-punk of DIY bands like The Violent Femmes and Neutral Milk Hotel with the gentle parlour sound of classic Americana outfits like The Carter Family and The Weavers.

Founded by six real-life friends in the winter of 2015, the band quickly progressed from playing variety shows around Chicago to recording their debut EP with Steve Albini. Their thoughtful, evocative lyrics are balanced by intricately arranged songs and energetic, theatrical live performances.

In Chicago, Friends of the Bog has headlined shows at Schuba‚Äôs, Martyrs', Beat Kitchen, and Quenchers, among others. They've also toured to Minneapolis, Detroit, and Ann Arbor and will be touring to New York, DC, and Philly in April. 

 Last year, the band released Lyra, their first full-length album.